• Spring Awakening

    The concept behind this work of art is that we wanted to showcase a contrast between mechanics and organics by manipulating the materials. Also, we created an innovative joint by using the wheel’s center piece as a way to keep the whole dress together. Additionally, interaction was in our list, so by placing the metal pieces on the back another person would be able to play music. We were inspired by an skeleton structure and used the chapters of the book to label each one of them as way to identify them. In terms of finishes and textures, we stayed honest to the found objects because even if we changed the material’s composition, we wanted the viewer to still tell what material was used. 
  • From Scratch to a Work of Art

    A team of 3 designers: Wan, Taylor and I were assigned the task to create, develop and build an art work concept based on found materials. By re thinking the original function of the given items, a creative solution was to be incorporated in our concept and showcase what other boundaries and horizons could be explored.

    The given items were: a bike wheel, a purse, a belt, a book, a kitchen utensil, a shirt and 2 cassettes.

    Organized by the SCAD's School of Design department, the 24 teams presented their creations at the show where Rob Walker, NY columnist and featured in the film Objectified, was part of the judging group along other SCAD staff members.

    "Spring Awakening" was awarded as the Best in Show piece in the presentation.