Spreading the Positives | QA Apprenticeships

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  • QA Apprenticeships wanted to promote their offering to all attendees of QA business training centres, in the hope, that of all those taking courses, some may be business owners who could be shown the benefits of using QA to offer a young person an apprenticeship.
    The brief was to create a series of three posters, each focusing on a different perk for using QA Apprenticeships. However the information needed to be easy to digest, & eye-catching as the viewer would likely be passing the poster in a waiting area/entrance. Below are the final designs….
    See more at: http://www.mynameisdan.co.uk/
    Poster One | Pounds
    This design aims to push the financial benefits of hiring an apprentice to the prospective employer.
    Poster Two | Percentages
    This poster shows the quality of a QA Apprenticeship course, as the quality of candidate at the end of the program is more likely to be hired by the employer.
  • Poster Three | Prizes
    Lastly to showcase the fact that QA are multi-award-winning. What better endorsement.
    How the poster will look in-situ.