Spotify Advertising Campaign
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A bold advertising campaign designed to promote the online streaming music service, Spotify, to a new American audience.
Choose a service-driven company and create a sweeping advertising campaign using tradition print media as well as alternate ways of reaching the target audience. I chose to base my campaign around Spotify, the free streaming music service. I developed this campaign before the service was widely available to the United States as a way of introducing the service to the new American audience.
Based on the idea of freely sharing all of the worlds music, I based my campaign on enticing people to give up their old music habits and adopt Spotify. I drew comparison to sharing music illegally, to buying CDs, and to purchasing music from iTunes. All of these venues were presented as a free handout in order to warm people up to the idea of getting all of their music for free. These advertising techniques provided users with invitations to join the exclusive invite only service.