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Hypothetical mascot and athletic design for the Houston Cougars.
As part of my senior exhibition, took on a new challenge and stepped into an area I know very little about: sports design. I created a hypothetical mascot for the Houston Cougars athletic department, along with two and four color logo options for athletic apparel. Aside from the more traditional sports logos, I created an alternative application for use on print and marketing materials to give the athletic department a fresh and alternative feel. 
Maquette for walk-around cougar mascot. 
Two and four color logos for athletic apparel and traditional applications. 
Alternative logo treatment for print and marketing materials. 
Hypothetical calendar for the 2010 Houston Cougar football season. 
Large scale banner, hung in three panels, to be installed on the exterior of athletic complexes. Similar applications would be used across the board for basketball, baseball, football, and other collegiate sports.  
Contextual drawing of athletic banners.