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  • Sport + it's a tv channel that wants to focus on user experience as a differentiating factor, offering special interactive features and giving more power to the user.

    A signature was created based on these assumptions: 
    'It's like you're there.' r
    The audience it's wide, age group 16 - 50, very confortable using new technologies, that are keen to take control and love sports, from skateboarding to football, or even golf.
    The audience likes the feeling of belonging, so besides the technology, the aesthetics should meet the latest trends, with a strong and dynamic character, keeping it simple at the same time.
  • Logo development
  • Over colours
  • White Background
  • Black Background
  • Sport+ Ident Screen - Rally Example
  • Sport+ Ident Screen - Football Example
  • Sport+ Ident Screen - Golf Example
  • Sport+ Show AD Example
  • Next Show Layer
  • Football on air graphics - Example 01
  • Football on air graphics - Example 02
  • Football on air graphics - Example 03
  • News - on air graphics - Example 01
  • Football on air graphics - Example 02
  • SPORT+ Interactive mode
  • Interactive mode - Example based on a Golf Tournament
    When clicking on the 'i button', the user will have access to a rich selection of information about the event:
    - Tournament Schedule
    - Information about Golf Course (Map / Photos / Technical Info)
    - Access to the cameras specially mounted for the event
    - Tournament General Stats
    - Player Stats ( player performance and history)
    - Message system in real time
  • Interactive mode - Golf Tournament - Player Stats Example
  • Interactive mode - Golf Tournament - iCamera Example
  • Interactive mode - Exit
  • Using the SPORT+ APP, the user will have acess to the same interactive content while watching the show on TV.