Spooner Earbuds
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Spooner earbuds for Boom Movement
Project Overview
To break out of their use of off-the-shelf, rebranded earbuds, BOOM requested a new earbud that would set their product apart from the sea of earbuds on the market currently. The Spooners earbuds do just that, with integrated cord storage, shock and water resistance, and distinctive styling.
Named after their unique design and the way that both earbuds nestle together, the Spooners put an end to that tangled mess in your pocket. Wrap the cord around the body of the ear buds and you are good to go anywhere. Simply flip the buds, snap them together and wrap.
In addition to cord management, the Spooners also feature a silicone three-button iPod/iPhone control and detachable sport tips that allow users to lock and secure the headphones in their ear while exercising for increased noise isolation.
As part of the BOOM R4A (Ready For Anything) platform the Spooners are IPX level 4 water resistant, dust resistant, and shock tested to follow you anywhere. 
frog : Michael Ditullo, Tony Meredith, Quinn Huffstetler
Designed in collaboration with Boom Movement
Final Production Model