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  • In a round world there is one hero who dares to be square. One hero who dares to be himself. One hero who is happy and positive no matter what the world throws at him. That hero is SpongeBob SquarePants. The idea was to come up with something random, silly and playful. So we came up with the idea of SpongBob Squarepants taking on the circles in a funny, silly, smart & sometimes effortless ways. A quirky take on geometrics of shape in the living world. The competitive advantage a square shape has over a circle. In a rounded world, dare to be square, its cool to be square.
    Client: Nickelodeon
    Regions of release: South Europe, Middle East & Africa
    Creative Director: Fabio Ardemagni 
    On Air Director: Roman Dorotycz
    Direction & Scripts: Vidya Thomas & Rajesh Thomas
    Production & Post Production: RocketscienceLab
    Post production head & Compositor: Varun Saini
    Illustration & Photoshop artist: Sandeep Kottila
    DOP: Harshith Dambekodi
    Red Camera: Ananth Urs
    Music & Sound design: Roto Shah