The goal of this courseproject was to construct a world and inhabit it with intelligentcreatures that react dynamically with their environment.

    Spirited isbased on the idea that the behavioural qualities of the“creatures” change in relation to geometric shapes encounteredin the environment. Specifically, the further away a “creature”was to one of these shapes, the more dull they became. In order toemit a brighter glowing light, the “creatures” had to re-approachthe shapes.

    Using the Python APIinterface with Autodesk Maya 2011, each “creature” was created tohave a trajectory and goals of its own, in order to move from pointto point like a real-world organism under a microscope. The fluid,snake-like motion—shown as the entities change direction—wascreated originally in 2-dimensions using Processing, then translatedover to the new environment.