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  • Spielplan Oper Graz 13/14
    Corporate Publishing
  • During the epoch of neo-baroque, two experienced architects - Fellner & Helmer - had planned the opera in Graz. For them it was the 30th construction of a theature building. But there is one thing that characterizes all of their projects: the striving for symmetry.
    The season’s book 2013/14 plays with the old structures of the opera house. Symmetries are discovered, deconstructed and set together in a new way. The result of this experiment: mandalas and kaleidoscopic reflections that show the architectural details from a very new point of view. Countless new perspectives - the ideal framework for the manifold opera program of this year’s season.
    Corporate Publishing by moodley brand identity.
    Client: Oper Graz
    Managing Director: Elisabeth Sobotka
    Editorial Department: Eva Bucht, Birgit Amlinger, Bernd Krispin, Ulli Kerpacher
    Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
    Art Direction and Graphic Design: Wolfgang Niederl, Marie Zieger
    Photography: Michael Königshofer
    Portraits: Christian Jungwirth, Werner Kmetitsch et al. 
    Project Management: Kristina Baudisch
    Print: Medienfabrik Graz
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