Spichki Kunst Gruppe

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  • Spichki Kunst Gruppe
    expressionistic art project
  • This art project focused on the expressionism with his deformation, the primitive form, the drama and dive into the depths of the subconscious, inspired by the German Expressionist group of painters Die Brücke.
  • Спички (spichki) — in Russian is translated as "matches". It symbolizes the creative act as a flash of light tan matches. The artist is a match. The creative act is an outbreak.
  • Improvised posters are made in different techniques such as ink, color markers and vector graphics, thus emphasizing the freedom of the creative act, using available tools and materials during the act of "flash" of creative energy.
  • Expressionistic improvisation
  • Walk with a pipe
  • Postman
  • Three

  • Running the fall
    Colored pencils
  • Prince Myshkin
    (hero of the novel "The Idiot" Dostoevsky)