Spectrum: A New Normal

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  • A record sleeve commission for a Detroit based Electro concept album regarding the issues parents face when raising a child who is diagnosed with Autism. 
  • I was briefed to depict a futuristic medicine man that encompasses the vital role played by the parent and the fact that they are very much the warriors who live next door. 

    The concept we settled on was a futuristic mask which both visually showed the strength and detachment the parent of an austistic child must feel, whilst the open mask that is split in half signifies the many faces these parents have to wear on a day to day basis. The wings on top of the head represent the determination of the parents to always rise above any challenge that they may face and the ventilation tube at the bottom is there to represent how pure the will of the parent is, regardless of any outside opinions. 

    I took on the role of Art Director as I encouraged the artist to go with a more abstract rendition of the subject matter as once the audience hears the messages in the tracks, they will look back at the sleeve and draw their own conclusions which resonates much more than a blatantly obvious visual. This is also a wise move to stop any potential listerners from being turned off by the subject matter, which as with any other awareness project has to be a concern. 

    Overall, I think as an Electro album sleeve i am really happy with it and now I am looking forward to hearing what other make of it after hearing the music. 

  • Promotional Poster- Date of release and website will be placed on the poster once they are confirmed. 
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