Spark swift solutions

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    Spark swift solutions
    The Spark “content management system” (CMS) enables a simple and quick management of websites’ content. Apart from the standard content management, Spark provides each user a specific number of options which are required. Every standard and nonstandard service supported by the PHP language can be optimized. Spark offers everything from the basic "simple" website, through the sites with dynamic content to the management of the site’s structure.
    Along the typical, prior enumerated demands, all atypical, local and non-local services can be incorporated. The atypical demands refer to all the services that are not related to the modification of the content of the site’s existing structure, but require a modification of a specific part of the structure and its management .Non-local services imply the interaction with other sites, partners or non-partners, while local services indicate only working on and with their own resources.
    Technically, the atypical services would be, for example, the creation of user interface with specific parameters and specific possibilities for the user, such as communication, content publication, data upload, then online store creation, result monitoring and all the other demands.
    Apart from increasing the flexibility of the site, Sparks tends to be flexible itself, so before the installation and creation of a specific service, we create its design and user panel in agreement with you, in order to manage the system according to your wishes.
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  • Working SPARK logo, we had to make a clear and recognizable sign for software to which it belongs. In this case, we started with the design of the logo and software in parallel. The simplicity and purity are touch points of software and logo. Reducing it, without losing visual quality, is what we paid special attention to, for the given software will be used on smaller screens. Top 3 "blazing" elements resembling a spark that can be found in the title.