B.B. VANDALS - Lost in Translation Part 1

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  • For this project we gave eachother sentences and words in our own languages (Spanish and Swedish) for the other part to freely interpret. The aim was to explore typography, new styles and techniques. This is our second collaboration as B.B. VANDALS.
  • Fantasmagorico, Anton Bohlin
  • Bisen Tutar, Not Flipper
  • Haciendo el Mono, Anton Bohlin
  • Det kan du fethaja, Not Flipper
  • Arrebuibaya, Anton Bohlin
  • Chupa de Cuero, Anton Bohlin
  • Dödsängel, Not Flipper
  • Muhco ruido y pocas nueces, Anton Bohlin
  • Struntprat, Not Flipper
  • Dagens visa, Not Flipper
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