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Promotional video and poster for Spaghetti Magazine. Spaghetti Magazine:
Visions of food

The purpose of this project was to create a magazine, writing articles and selecting images.
The theme chosen was Food&Lifestyle. We took particular attention to the selection of images, in order to create something new: a new way to think about food and a new language to represent it.
WOMADE is a platform for emerging artists and creative people, a place in which creativity can be let loose and, at the same time, a venue where artists can show their works.
Team: Alessia Bonito Oliva, Freddy Josué Canas, Eliana Dedda e Antonio Perfetto.
Models: Giovanni Manzini, Simone Bernardi Pirini, Chiara Vaglia, Carlo Tellaroli, Freddy Josué Canas, Antonio Perfetto, Eliana Dedda.
Set: Lab Movie Politecnico di Milano.
Music: Stein Branding - all over the world