Spacekidheadcup 2010

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  • Spacekidheadcup 2010
    A Soapbox Derby
  • The final poster. It looks a little bit different, but i think the retro-style works in the similar way like the first concept. A good friend of mine made the typesetting for it and created the font of the big twenty. (Typeset by Jelka Kretzschmar)
  • The idea was to create collectable stamp-flyer for the event. Here are the finish. They was well received.
  • We do the perfortation manually because there was no other way ...3000 flyer with a kind of pizza cutter. The informations for the derby were printed on the backside.
  • The first sketch for the presentation of the general-concept.
  • An early flyer concept. Later we changed all into a vertical format.
  • Another early flyer-concept. I like it so much.
  • Poster Concept 1
  • Another poster concept. The base of the final-mesh-up-one. :)