• Space
    Space is a boundless plane in which objects are relative to one another through physical distances. I chose to concentrate on architectural spaces and structures within the Toronto and Mississauga downtown centers.

    Researching through photography, I discovered distinct atmospheric properties that, through image manipulation, provided the opportunity to explore spatial identities. In this process I dehumanized the spaces, creating different fragmented viewpoints. These fragmented square views allow me, through attempted, constructed, and planned methods to explore divergent methods for mark-making, image-taking, and processes for deconstructing everyday reality into spatial studies. These display how a different viewpoint will not just change the space, but create a new space from the lines, colors, and counter forms present within the originals.

    The created square fragments become elements on their own. These patterns are then applicable in several ways as perspective demonstration devices, used digitally and in print. I integrated them as a flexible series of elements within the context of print, motion, and experience design formats.

    The experience is formed when the viewer is called upon to explore the fragments, construct different configurations, and enter into the process by interpreting their own version of the original photograph. Thus, individual experiences of space through multiple perspectives are tailored to each viewer at the same time.