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Apace attack
For me, designing a flyer or a poster for a party was always a work about the whole concept and not just one individual graphic work. I always like to gather all the visual parts together into one. Especially when advertising through the web only, it's important to maintain the look and feel, and to be easily recognized and remembered. This event was my birthday, and I organized it together with Vibes attack crew. The club I chose is a new underground place in the city which is called Gagarin, like the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. that's why I decided to go for the space visuals, and I think it make a nice connection with the Drum & Bass music and the venue itself.
Event poster
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Background for projector inside the club
"The First 3 electronic music genres you see, are the ones you love the most" teaser
The font I used for this project is ​cosmopath