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South East Asia Urban Art Event in Yangon
Around 2000,the advent of Graffiti Art in Myanmar was coincided with Hip-Hop Culture .But by that time, most of the graffiti murals have not happened in streets. Instead, artists create the murals only in private-places like garages and flats. In 2006, Yangon saw some roadside murals. In the same way saw graffiti crew movement and some patron of the graffiti invited the graffiti artists to paint on their private place like the walls, night clubs and back drop for Hip Hop concert. In 2010, the New Zero art space organized the Graffiti Art Movement exhibition , which could be dubbed as the change, and in that exhibition nearly all graffiti artists have taken part. The artists are in group allowed,then, to draw on the long wall, in front of the art space. It was also the first official event held publicly for the then-marginalized-art as the theme of the event.
After a decade, in 2011, the WunThaNu (Patriots) Urban Art Exhibition, which could be ,so far, nominated as the most effective and successful graffiti event, was held by the young active graffiti artists. It can be said that the development of graffiti art in Myanmar is fledgling because of some peculiar matters: Given that the country situation, the need to face unsafely, the lack of materials,being unskilled and artist mostly created Tags and Throw-ups, the public did not accept yet the murals as the artworks. Recently emergence of some skill full graffiti fonts, Tags and stencil on the Yangon street.
However, the graffiti community in Myanmar has not so much contact with the outside world that it was isolated. So, creating a link between regional graffiti artists and indigenous ones and collaboration among them means also creating a space for mutual experience sharing.
“THE RENDEZVOUS” South East Asian Urban Art Event would be an urban art event that will project direct reflection of the south east Asian society. It is also the collective art show for south east Asian emerging artists who came into the art scene after the year 2000.
We, are proud to be hosts that kind of initiative event with some south east Asian artists in our country, the last developing country in South East Asia. In the future, we hope to more collaborate and connect with regional urban artists and crews next year and we continuous to organize the Urban art event to be more successful and to be more beneficial than ever.
Are We The Mirror Of Southeast Asia Urban ArtjQuery162029741472956626813_1329188234098? come and check it out.


Date : 4 Feb 2012_9 Feb 2012
Time : 9:00_5:00
Place : 458, Corner of Manawhayi street and Myoma Kyaung Street, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
(Near of Innlay A Mhat Ta Ya and Summit Park View)



Chit Htut
Faith J.C
Htet Ko
Smile Evil Smile
Sone Pyuu
Thu Myat
Yar Zar


Alex Face (Thailand)
Andi Rharharha (Indonesia)
Bon Voyage (Thailand)
Gau Den (Vietnam)
Gong (Thailand)
Mark Salvatus (phillipine)
Nguyen Thanh Son (Vietnam)
Snozze (malaysia)
Ungga (Phillipine)
Casper (Guest Artist from Sweden)

Collaboration Art by A.M.P.(Thailand), Alex(Thailand), Bon(Thailand), Gong(Thailand), Snozze(Malaysia)
Ramp skate park. Yangon,myanmar 2012 .
RESPECTA collective poster,sticker,stencil at Yangon - Myanmar
by Rharharha
Nguyen Son
Nguyen Son
Nguyen Son
Alex , Gong , AMP
Rharharha (Tape Artist from Jakrata )give some colors to the trees at Yangon Skate park

AMP from Bangkok
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