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  • Soundwave
    Creative Brief

    Overview/Brand Essence:
    Soundwave is a revolutionary product combining cutting edge music technology with the ancient art of surfing. The item consists of a surfboard with a waterproof MP3 dock, scrolling buttons and a LCD display screen in the nose of the board, and three lightweight, 60 watt speakers in the tail of the board. The board is powered by a lithium battery that has a charge of up to 6 hours.

    Key Facts:
    - Product differentiation, first of its kind
    - High priced item $1,000 +
    - Lifestyle product
    - The surf industry has maintained during the recession
    - Every board sold with a guaranteed warranty
    - Personalized customer service

    Target Audience:
    - Corporate Surfers (young, wealthy, active, men)
    - Men, 25 – 40
    - Active lifestyle
    - College, and post grad degree
    - Homeowners, $80,000 +
    - Year round surfers (warm weather climate)
    - Tech friendly

    Primary Message:
    Soundwave is the new wave of surfing. Every Wave deserves a soundtrack

    The tone is clean and fresh with lifestyle orientated colors. The logo represents the combination of a wave and a music note with elements of the wave being used throughout the branding materials to personalize the product to the consumer. The theme of “every” and “deserves” is also carried through the branding to personalize the product (ie. “Every board deserves proper care” is printed on the instruction manual. The primary typography, used only for the name is a script, and together with the shade of blue helps embody the flow of water in the logo.

    - Surf Expo, Orlando Florida, February 3 rd &4 th (retailers and manufacturers event)
    - Quicksilver Tournament, Oahu Hawaii, February 28 th (public beaches)
    - Sacred Craft Expo, Ventura Beach, April 10 th & 11 th (public event)
    - Surf Magazine (spring & summer 2012) 74,255 subscriptions, 103,500 per issue
    - Pont of sale display in surf shops
    Out of home in high traffic destinations