Sounds Of Cohabitation

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    The “Sounds of Cohabitations” poster is about the coexistence of 3 different cultures in Ioannina city, which is celebrating this year 100 years since its liberation. (On February 21, 1913).
    Through history Ioannina city has been gifted with a multicultural identity. Sometimes peacefully but not always, the Christian, Muslim and Hebrew culture coexisted there and that left the city with byzantine churches, mosques and synagogues along with a multicultural legacy, all of which make this city truly unique.
    Ioannina’s multicultural identity is traced through 36 historical buildings, monuments and boroughs. Mosques, synagogues, churches, inns, public bathrooms and slaughterhouses. Schools and libraries, theaters, even private residencies. Some of them are preserved, others are destroyed, others restored and some are simply forgotten. Some of them make up everyday roundabouts used by the locals in order to navigate and move through the city. Some others have been turned in blocks of flats or parks, having their existence documented only in some inscription or a rare book about the city’s history. However, each of them accommodated stories of different people and cultures. From Brosgos’s tavern, the New York Inn and Aslan Pasa’s Mosque up to Papazoglio Weaving School and Kalou Pasa’s Seraglio, Ioannina is a city full of history which can be “heard” and “read” on the roads of the city itself.
    In these same roads where generations of people with different history, culture and habits used to walk. In the same buildings which were built by some, were used by others and were abandoned or destroyed by some others. These buildings and places act as regional conjunctions and cultural mirrors between the residents, thus creating and representing the sounds of their coexistence. From the candidate proclamations in the Averof Hotel, the horses’ neigh from the traveling carts outside Dodoni Inn up to the sounds of the Papazoglio Weaving School, the echoes of the buildings reflect the story of Ioannina. Different sounds, all originating from the same source. Same places for different stories.
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    KEIK Bureau™
    KEIK Bureau™

    Date Designed
    March 2013
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