Sound Cylinder
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Definitive Technology Sound Cylinder
Project Overview
Definitive Technology wished to expand their product portfolio to create a larger brand presence outside their core market. Early user research identified an opportunity to bring premium sound to the mobile experience, including on tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Consumers expressed a desire for a richer sound experience without sacrificing portability. The Sound Cylinder met this demand by delivering Definitive's storied audio quality, high craftsmanship, and premium materials to the mass market in a cost-conscious and portable package. The Sound Cylinder's unique form allows for an array of uses that differentiate it from other Bluetooth speakers.
The Sound Cylinder’s capability to act as an integrated stand for any tablet shifts the paradigm for Bluetooth speakers.
frog : Michael Ditullo, Steven Friedman, Quinn Huffstetler
Designed in collaboration with Definitive Technology
Final Production Model