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Cd packaging of Soulcè & Teddy Nuvolari's debut album "SInfobie"
Soulcè & Teddy Nuvolari (Giovanni Arezzo, singer and song writer and Vincenzo Sortino, beatmaker and producer) are an italian conscious rap duo which I belong.
I have designed the entire packaging of their debut album "Sinfobie".
I have created the illustration of the attached poster listening the entire album song by song trasforming their music in images and creating a sort of listening guide made as a child book which start in the lower right corner with Track #1 "Abat-jour".
Every illustration is linked whit the previous and the follow one as a fantastic route made by the two artists in the guise of a child and his faithful friend teddy bear.
I have collaborated also as set designer whit the film maker Francesco Maria Attardi to realize three music video of three different tracks of Sinfobie album ("Giovanni grida solo per la via, "Pupazzo di ruggine", "Lasciami Andare").
All the videos where realised starting from the illustration of these tracks.
Soulcè & teddy Nuvolari - Lasciami Andare feat. Mecna (Sinfobie, 2012)
You can buy Sinfobie album, find some other stuff  and usefull informations about Soulcè & Teddy Nuvolari here: