Soul Tracks

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  • Soul tracks
    Sculpture made by PVC.
    size: 100x40x140 cm/ 39x15x55 inches, PVC.
  • I utilized a professional 3D design program to create this project. This software allows me to have a 3D view of the sculpture and, at the same time, virtually cut out all the different surfaces of my sculpture and consider them on a 2D plane. In this way, I can perfectly understand shapes and sizes of any material that I choose to build my sculpture. Subsequently, I cut the PVC plates and assemble them together. The last step involves coating the PVC surface with a polyester layer to mask imperfections resulting from the building process and to impart singularity to the structure, rather than a collage of components.Some parts of the sculpture,installed for the first time in London during Moniker Art Fair, have been coloured with red paint . These parts can be seen, if observed from a particular point of view and thanks to a sort of optical trick, as one line. The name of the sculpture: Soul Tracks, perfectly describes the essential concept. The red line does not constitute an aestethic choice only. Nevertheless it simbolically represents the sucession of individual acts, whose global meaning can be comprehended on its entirety and complexity only if observed from the right perspective which allows to focus the development of each person's actions.