• A short trip to lebanon. A journey of some discovery led me to hit the street early in the morning and spend some time with the farmers at Souk El tayeb. The literal translation of Souk el Tayeb means “the good market” – both good in taste and character.
    Souk El Tayeb is an initiative that was set up to promote the consumption of local food, and gives the right to local small scale farmers to deliver traditional products directly to the hands of the consumer. Producers from all over lebanon participate in this souk, and provide traditional authentic produce that keeps the heritage of lebanon alive.
  • Rima from Mount Lebanon, prepares a traditional Manoushi. (Wild Thyme)
  • Abou Brahim stands in front of his stall that sells fresh fruits, predominantly figs and pomegranate aswell as home made jams, lebne and olive oil to name a few. 
  • Nabil infront of his market stall filled with spices, syrups, olives and lebne. 
  • Therese from Jounieh in Lebanon, gathers the best produce from the whole of lebanon to sell at her stall. 
  • Oum Ali from the south of lebanon prepares tradional manoushi.