Sons of Anarchy - Opie Winston

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  • For the last 5 years, my older brother Ryan Hurst has been playing the role of Opie Winston on the hit show, Sons of Anarchy.  During that time, he (and Opie) grew an infamous beard that very much became a part of his character.

    A few weeks ago, Opie Winston was brutally murdered halfway through season 5 and Hurst's involvement in the show was no more.  It was a bitter sweet departure, as I knew he was ready for something new.  But as actors do, he had become very attached to his character and the other creatives on the set.

    The guys on the show felt it was only right that they get together and cut off the beard.  After a samurai sword, tears and some intense male bonding, Ryan went from looking a little serial killer-y, to a new born baby.