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Online responsive presence for Sonicville, Sound and Music for all Media.
Sonicville Brussels gave me the chance to come up with a new concept for their website. Different types of media had to be integrated in the site and they wanted it to be more personal to create a closer connection to its audience. And that was the briefing...heaven! 

I thought of a dynamic structure that could easily grow, with lots of sharing options for the user of the site but also for the people who work at Sonicville. Different type of posts can be created by them, video, audio, photos and aggregated tweets. And they can showcase all of their work. I also wanted this website to be responsive so it would be optimized for different screen resolutions. (It is not yet optimized for the mobile phone).

And of course with great help from the development team!
Front-end (html, css, js): Niels Matthijs
Back-end (Drupal): Filip Van Tendeloo