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    Get music lovers to download Songkick by promising them secret shows and exclusive tickets.

    SongKick tells you what bands are playing near you using the music library that’s already on your phone. There are almost as many types of music lovers as there are types of music, but we decided to focus on the hardcore diehards. These fans view going to shows as a life or death event. These fans love hearing about bands before everyone else and seeing them in the most exclusive, intimate venues. If we can get these diehards, the casual music fans who look to them as trendsetters will follow.

    Posters for secret shows go up in cities across the US. These posters advertise acts like Phoenix and The Shins but don't have a date. By downloading Songkick, you'll be alerted to the show's secret location on the day of the show, but only if  you have the app.

    Then, tickets to the summer's best shows are inserted into limited pressings of popular records and scattered across independent record shops for fans to find. This also allows Songkick to give a little back to the independent record stores that have created, and continue to create, generations of music lovers.