Sometimes me.. The Mirror

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    Sometimes me...
    Chapter 2 : The Mirror
    These series of self-portrait photography is a conceptual second chapter to my project made a couple of years ago called Sometimes me... Chapter 1: Fierce - a video, describing a state of my mental ability to accept the surrounding reality according to my perceptions at that time.
    The Mirror
    Being able to see somebody as they really are in a particular moment of time is so difficult that many of us could never do it. As human beings one of our most important difference from animals and other things is our attitude to certain situations, happenings, news, days, emotions, events, other human beings and in fact everything around us.
    The way you see yourself in the mirror today is a way most people won't even notice.
    Attitude is the key to understanding.

  • At first sight
  • Strong
  • Going insane
  • Broken
  • Putting a mask
  • Pessimistic
  • Idealistic
  • In a change
    To be continued...