Something That Made Me Happy and I Had to Draw!

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  • Chelsea Morning
    or how Joni Mitchell's song got me illustrating
  • Sunday morning, on the way to Mass, my husband put on Joni Mitchell.  He had heard her songs but decided to revisit after we watched Love Actually on DVD a fews nights before.  I was familiar with Both Sides Now and Circle Game but had never really listened to Chelsea Morning.  In the car that morning, I did and I found it made me quite happy.  Later on, the song continued running about in my head and I felt I had to draw.

    These illustrations were made solely for myself and I did share them with friends.  However, since I could not secure permission to use the song, I have shelved the idea of turning it into an ebook.  I thought it would be a fun way to share Ms. Mitchell's song with the younger generations.