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  • Goal:


    The story is about a Jewish boy who is separated from his family in rural Poland during world war 2. The title is inspired by an analogy between human life and an anecdote mentioned in the book which is also a basis for my visual expression and design. 

  • Goal:


    Gestures, expressions and the use of herbal colors for facial make- up are the distinct characteristics of this dance form of Kerala (India) - Kathakali. I blended these elements to design an invitation card announcing the performance of Kathakali at the Mudra Centre, Kerala. 

  • Goal: To encourage heritage conservation in India

    Medium: Mural

    This is an open ended undergraduate school project where we had to talk about social cause through any static media. I chose to create an awareness towards Heritage Conservation of India for a NGO- Shell and decided to design a mural. I tried to make it interesting by establishing a relationship between the social cause and the medium used to propagate the message.
  • Goal: Design a poster to encourage the use of compressed natural gas in the cars in India.

    Medium: Print

    I created a short range poster that promoted the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). CNG reduces the emission of smoke from vehicles, eventually decreasing air pollution. In this poster, I used exaggeration in terms of the headline and visual appearance to create an impact on the minds of the viewers.
  • Goal: To redesign a CD + CD Cover  for Enigma : Mystic Mixes 2

    Medium: Print

    This undergraduate school project was to redesign an existing CD and its cover for any music album. The catch was that we had to maintain the original concept used but execute it in a different way.
  • Goal: Design a ticket  for Independence Rock Concert

    Medium: Print

    This undergraduate school project was to design a ticket for any service. I chose to design it for Independence Rock ( I-Rock) Concert that is held in Mumbai every year, where English and Hindi rock bands perform. My main aim was to design an interactive ticket such that one would enjoy the experience of handling it, just like the concert. So, I designed a slider ticket.
  • Goal: To communicate the hazard of smoking and create an awareness of the same

    Medium: Chain + Cloth + Light

    My main aim was to keep the message simple but execute it in a unique way. Designing a logo was a part of the project.
  • Goal: To design a window display for Crossword book store

    Medium: Wood + Paper

    My main idea was to make the display interesting by playing with the elements and the letters. The crossword of 'Authors of the month' is meant to change every month as per the list of the top selling authors.