Solvay Coke Brownfield Restoration

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  • Solvay Coke Brownfield Restoration
    Spring Semester 2010 
    Milwaukee, WI
    Group Project with Jed Terc
    Masters of Landscape Architecture Studio taught by the firm Conservation Design Forum
  • Architecture Studio VIII

    The two main focus points of the plan are Kinnickinnic Avenue and the potential new addition of a Metra stop on the Kenosha Racine Milwaukee line just north of the development site.

    The Solvay Coke site is at a crossroads for these districts where its location makes it an ideal locationto be developed in a way that unites these distinct Milwaukee neighborhoods.Our goal for the Solvay Coke site is to create an urban development that serves as a transitionfrom its industrial past to a new sustainable future. The proposal combines high density housing,including mixed use development, with commercial spaces, all anchored by an industrial base.Placing a focus on making the river the amenity, for the immediate area and the whole city ofMilwaukee, it could and should be.

    The Solvay Coke site will be a popular and vibrant, multi-faceted destination for commuters,residents, workers and visitors to the City of Milwaukee.
  • Site Plan
  • Section through Residential Buildings
  • Section through River Front
  • Rendering of park space separating the commercial/industrial section of the site from the residential.
  • Rendering of main road into site.
  • Rendering of entrance to commercial are of site and river front
  • Rendering of park space along the river front over looking commercial are of site.