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  • The wait is over, Soleil italics are finally here!
    The geometric sans serif designed by Wolfgang Homola has been extended with the eagerly awaited set of slanted italics.

  • Soleil

    Soleil, designed by Wolfgang Homola, is a geometric sans serif typeface. Unlike most existing geometric sans serif typefaces, it has asymmetrical counters, making it look fresher, more dynamic and more contemporary. Simple geometric forms – such as the circle or the square – played a certain role in the design of the letterforms, but in order to introduce more fluidity into the rather stiff and rigid concept of geometric sans serif typefaces, a lot of optical corrections were necessary.

    Soleil is based on the modernist ideas of simplicity, clarity and reduction to essential forms. Yet its letter shapes are not the result of geometric construction, but of a design process that brings together simplicity and fluidity, clarity and rhythm.
    Soleil has a rather large x-height, making it legible also in small sizes or from a bigger distance. The typeface family consists of six weights. The Opentype version also allows for the implementation of typographic features such as Small Caps, lining and old-style figures, both tabular and proportional, ligatures, alternate characters, case-sensitive variants and fractions.
    Soleil offers a wide range of potential applications: signage and wayfinding systems, book and magazine design, branding and corporate publications.

    For more information and a pdf specimen, please visit our website.
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