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  • Solasié
  • Art Direction / Web & Digital
  • We tried to realize something to support the whole adv campaign!
    A visual trip through pictures and videos, to show the great time we had during the set in the Salento land.
    Entirely developed with Html5 and Canvas, the project use great easing and transitions, smooth mask and a sea sound as background.
    Great and amazing in a huge screen but really cool also on mobile devices.
  • We thought about a trip through a special land, trying to have a great time with the simplest things: a rugby ball, some bicycles and a lot of time to find out that life is amazing if you live it straight and natural!
    We have selected a special cast, with Christian Goran like a main testimonial and a lot of professional surfers.
    On the set we have built up a vintage atmosphere, using original cars, accessories and styling items.
    For the photography we have chosen a special profile, with a vintage light and smooth exposure.
  • The Behind the Scenes video for Solasié shows the well-known model Ani in perfect armony with what she is wearing and the environment surrounding her.
    The style of Solasié is definitely the protagonist of the video, fitting perfectly everyone and giving the proper amount of self-confidence that people need to be happy.