• Synopsis
    Nature is a powerful source of inspiration. Nature allows us the opportunity to discover. Nature offers us a place to have adventures, to search out the beautiful things in life that money can’t buy and that the internet cannot offer us.

    We are all living different lives with different opportunities to experience the outdoors. Some of us are fortunate enough to be surrounded by forests, mountains and wildlife. Others have to search different landscapes to find nature like the home, the office and the city. If we look hard enough, in our everyday lives we can find ourselves surrounded by nature; from the chairs we sit on to the boards we ride.

    Soke presents this idea through the forms and shapes that wood can make. Wood can be seen in such a way that, through the simple shape of a circle, to its arrangement in a pile, it can resemble natural and man made structures. But it’s the one constant that is present in all our landscapes.

    Soke is the observation on the search to find inspiration in nature.
    Soke is an online exhibition by Jeffrey Bowman.
    The physical exhibition took place in Hemsedal, Norway on 27th February 2013.