Sohny Sweets Package Design

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  • The brief was to redesign Sohny Sweet's package by picking any occasion and design it according to that occasion. I chose the occasion of 'Baat Pakki', the very first event that announces the┬ábetrothal of a bride and groom in Pakistani culture. The two seperate boxes come together to signify two people coming together, hence literally representing 'Baat Pakki' through the core design. I have kept the applied design simple and elegant to compliment the occasion.
  • The package has a band consisting of hand carved cards having┬áthe Bride and Groom's initials on top, the brand name Sohny Sweets on the sides and a note attached at the end of the string announcing the occasion
  • The hand carved card with the announcement note.
  • The Sohny Sweet brand name appears again once the band is removed to open the package.