Socio-Healthcare Hospital of Mollet del Vallès

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  • Socio-Healthcare Hospital of Mollet del Vallès
    Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain

  • Taking advantage of the existing building, the solution adopted was focused on three essential decisions that are the ones that line up the overall architectural development:

    1. The central patio is enlarged and is covered with trees; it turns into a main element of the daily work of the socio-sanitary hospital.

    2. The new location of the main stair facilitates the continuity, organization and reorganization of the vertical circulation areas in the shape of an “L” in the general layout that today is interrupted by the existing stair creating a compact vertical core that covers the whole building.
    In order to do this enlargement, a volume that is currently separated from the main building by light wells is brought down, which is not necessary for the fulfilment of the functional program and it minimizes the existing patio.

    3. Finally, the facades approach. These facades are, in general, in good constructive status and only the defective windows and curtains would be fixed.

    Nevertheless, we believe that the change this building will suffer not only concerning the functional change and the internal modifications (on the patio, in the circulation areas), but also the changes of the floors due to small interventions will generate a new image of the building that should also be translated in the renovation of its exterior image.

    For this reason, we proposed aluminium vertical bars that, at the same time, give a new and unifying image of the building and provide an excellent protection to the east and west facades against the sun. This also contributes to energy saving, resulting in a clear element of the building sustainability.
    With a simple intervention, the exterior image of the facility is unified, given the building an emblematic and modern image towards its immediate surroundings and the city of Mollet del Vallès.