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  • Back in 2012 I struggled to find a set of flat, uniform vector website icons that I could use readily for any application. This is when I had the idea to collect them into one, easily usable form—a font. I released a trial version which received over 150,000 downloads in less than half a year. I then went on to create a refined commercial version which, to this date, is my most popular font. It has been used by over 100 companies, studios and designers worldwide on both the web and in print, including the largest digital font vendor The latest version of Social Networking Icons (3.0), now includes 158 individual icons in 6 different styles.
    Regular (original) – Square with rounded corners
    Square – Square with 90° corners
    Rounded – Circular
    Minimal – Circular with a smaller icon inside
    Outline – Circular with a stroke
    Unboxed – No bounding box, just an icon (useful for placing in a custom shape)