Snowy and the Magic Flower

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  • From the beginning of 2012, together with my friend, Andy Whittle and his two wonderful children, we start working on the book ”Snowy the mouse and the magic flower”.
    I asked Andy, if he would like to write a story, inspired by my drawings. His children joined in to the project and story was born.
    It is still in progress. I will be working on the cover this month and later this year, we will start looking for the publishers, who would like to help us to make this project alive.

  • Cover illustration for "Snowy and the Magic Flower"
  • second page for the book, "Snowy and The Magic Flower"
  • "......Thenext morning Snowy opened his door just in time to see his goodfriend Hoppy the Rabbit passing by with two rather large juicycarrots.
    “GoodMorning!” shouted Snowy the mouse, making Hoppy jump......"

  • ".......... Theylookedup and saw Bumble the Bee coming towards them carrying a strangelooking flower...."
  • "............ Molewas a rather sleepy, friendly old soul and was, as always, potteringabout at home.
    “GrandpaMoooole!” they called when they got to his house.
    Moleslowly came into view. “Yes, who is it? What do you want?” hesaid rather grumpily.
    “Wehave a question” ......."

  • character from the book: Bumble the bee
  • character from the book: Hoppy the rabbit