Snowman's Christmas

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  • Snowman's Christmas
    Estudio Icone - 2010
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  • This was an in-house project created for a holiday postcardfor Studio Icone clients.  Since this wasan in-house project, I only had 5 days to create the 3D assets.  I was responsible for the modeling,texturing, lighting and rendering.  PauloBotelho and Giselle Almeida were in charge of post-production.

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  • For this project, I used 3DMax and Mental Ray.  There were a lot of different materials todeal with in this image, and the snow and trees were particularly challenging.  The trees presented a challenge since theymade the poly-count of the scene really high, but didn’t affect me too muchsince I am very organized with my layers. With this high resolution image, itwas difficult to get a soft and natural look for the fresh fallen snow.  I had to explore a few different approachesbefore I was satisfied with the result. 

    I’ve create a short video below that shows the key steps ofthe process used to create this image. Hope you like it and happy holidays!
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