Snow Fractal

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  • Carved Low-Iron Glass, Fully Silvered and Half-Silvered Mirrors, LEDs and Controller, Wood Frame
    19 3/4 x 19 3/4 x 2 7/8
  •  Snow Fractal is an illuminated optical glass sculpture. At less than 3-inches thick the optical effect (known as the Infinity Mirror effect) creates the illusion that the piece is multiple time deeper than it is in reality. Infinity mirrors work by bouncing light between two mirrors - one fully silvered and one semi-silvered. The phantom tunnel the piece creates appears to travel deep through the wall it is mounted on as though looking into a worm hole to another dimension. Using 3 layered circular disks of Low-Tin glass that transmits 98%-99% of light allows the tunnel effect to be much deeper and retain the color spectrum of light compared to normal glass. Each of the 3 layers each have their own ring of LEDs that can be tuned to emit different colors and sequenced patterns. The light enters the parameter and bounces in between the two polished surfaces of each disk and attaches to the rough surfaces carved by a sand blaster. Mixing physics, geometry, and artistic technique Snow Fractal is a one of a kind piece. To discuss purchase/exhibition of this piece or to see more of my work please visit