Snickers Mobily Campaign

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  • 1free mobily minute with every Snickers Wrapper !
    As part of the usual advertising campaigns, Snickers Saudi Arabia launched this interactive campaign to increase sales of Snickers and also to increase the participation between the product and local consumers.
    Snickers has coordinated with local Mobily Telecom where consumer exchange the Snickers chocolate bar wrapper with a free minute of Mobily, This campaign received wide admiration by consumers also raised the proportion of the company's sales.

  • Snickers #1 Chocolate Bar Shape
    The idea was about making icon  of the Snickers chocolate Bar, in a way that looks appetizing reflect the rich taste of Snickers peanuts and caramel.Where this icon will be used as a key element in the ad campaign.
    i have personally worked on the above piece from direction to execution. it was a challenge to me to zoom into the inside of the bar without making it looks fake or retouched as possible, yet we were not planning to use 3D on this part for a certain reasons. so i had to do it myself.
  • Final Artwork Design
  • Street Mupi
  • Mall Mupi
  • Street Megacom
  • Gondola ( Stand ) Design
  • Checkpoint ( Exchanging the wrappers with the free minutes )