• SNAPLIGHTCOLLECTION---Designed for climar

    Photos by Mia Lavernne
  • This product line was born from the need to provide the market with a simple, minimalist language suitable for modern and contemporary spaces.
    The symbiosis between product and its environment is the undoubtedly essence of this range of typologies characterized by diversity, flexibility and architectural presentation options, whether technical, creative or conceptual. Its here that these luminaries mark their position, its right at this moment that they communicate emotions with their surrounding environment, between light and shadow, between presence and omission.

  • SNAP P1
    lighting versions. LED and T5 lamp versions. Surface complementary versions also available (SNAP P3).

  • SNAP P2
    Suspended mounted aluminium profile with formal design concept suggesting a sense of balance. Customizable coloured housing and supply cable.

    Extra-slim direct or indirect wall mounted aluminium profile. LED and T5 lamp versions.

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