Smukała Zdrój - Beer packaging
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Packaging and label for the home made beer called Smukała Zdrój.
Smukała Zdrój
Beer packaging
Smukała Zdrój is a home made beer. The beer is natural, ecological, uncommercial.  It is brewing in a house in the woods. It has its own domestic and local character.

Set contains a label and a package for double pack. 

Double pack is only for gifts, not for sale. Beer is not commercial. 
Package is done from 2 pieces of the same two-sided cardboard. It had to be quick-cutted and quick-folded. Package had to be cheap, so logo is not printed, but there are sticks on it. 

Label - there had to be only the name of the beer and a capping date. Every bottle is different, so label had to be in a universal shape.