ST // Custom Baseball Bats

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  • Smoke This.
    Custom made wooden baseball bats.
    Each with its own unique label sticker.
  • Smoke This bats are crafted from a single piece of maple, scraped on an old lathe, painted and varnished, labeled and packed so that every piece is absolutely unique, from its scraping process trough painting and labeling to its packaging. 
  • Each bat is custom painted and labeled with a unique sticker made for that piece only.
    As well as marked with a unique serial number stating the date of its production.
  • Want one? Drop me a line.
    Concept / myself, Botlhe Makgekgenene and Zoran Ćurčin
    Naming / Zoran Ćurčin
    Scraping / my dad
    Painting, Design and Packaging / myself