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    Wow. I am amazed by the amount of attention these posters have been getting lately! I just want to say first, Thank You for blogging, tweeting, loving these. Also, I have to give mad credit to the copywriter on this project, Matt Kappler. They wouldn't be half as badass without his words.

    So, in the time since these were first blogged by someone last week, I have been told by the museum they were intended for that I would have to remove the originals with that museum's logo. Sadly, I think this makes these posters a bit less bad-ass, but what else can I do? I don't want to delete them from my book entirely because they are a great campaign.

    You can learn more about what happened here.

    I wanna say thanks to everyone for the support, comments, compliments, and feedback. It's been a crazy adventure and I hope people still enjoy these as a campaign for a generic museum for now. Unless there are any awesome museums who are interested in using these as a real campaign! Contact me!

    For those of you asking about getting prints of the posters made: I decided it would probably be too risky to sell them considering all of the images used are probably copyrighted. I know I never took any photos of 50 Cent. So feel free to download the high-res pdfs from here and print them out as big as you want! And send me pictures! If they're in a classroom, a dorm room, or even a random wall on the side of a building, I want to see them!