Smile You Son of a Bitch Art Show

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  • The Design
  • The Smile You Son of a Bitch art show was an honor to be a part of. I found out about the show late one night while browsing twitter and spent the next day emailing anyone and everyone attempting to get a spot. It was all downhill from there. I am a lifelong Jaws fan and just had to be a part of it. I teamed up with my friend Kasey Gifford to execute the the design (she is a kick ass illustrator, check her work : We concepted the peice and you can see the outcome.
  • The Idea
  • The Print
    By Justin Dickau of ... amazing work! Email if you want your poster to look terrific.
  • The Show
  • I couldn't make the trip down to LA but luckily I was able to poach some instagram images from a few attendees. Thanks to @alexbackes & @robococoa for documinting my work at the actual event. I did make a bunch of new twitter and instagram friends however!
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