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クラウドやSNSを複合的に使いこなすためのスマートフォンコンセプト 上下のサブディスプレイで、”知る”→”まとめる”→”伝える”というコミュニケーションの一連の流れを操作に反映させた筐体とUIのデザイン 上下に傾いたディスプレイは小さな筐体を最大限に生かし、視界や操作の邪魔にならずに使い… Read More
クラウドやSNSを複合的に使いこなすためのスマートフォンコンセプト 上下のサブディスプレイで、”知る”→”まとめる”→”伝える”というコミュニケーションの一連の流れを操作に反映させた筐体とUIのデザイン 上下に傾いたディスプレイは小さな筐体を最大限に生かし、視界や操作の邪魔にならずに使いこなす事を可能にします This design was published in Yanko Design. Read Less
Smartphone for User Efficiency
Top and Bottom Sub-displays concept
The top and bottom display panels to achieve mastery of smartphone multitasking.

Despite the expansion of cloud computing and SNS, existing smartphones are not used to their functions through a complex multitasking.

To solve this problem, Palette has the top and bottom sub-display for multitasking.
And this operating procedure is reflected by communication flow like "know", "form" and "convey".
When sending and posting an article, Palette is used as follows.

1.By using of "source" tasks on the bottom screen, look for data such as pictures or notes.
2. Add your text, located and other information on the main screen.
3. By using of "network" tasks on the top screen, send information simultaneously to multiple selected services.

Top and bottom leaning display make it possible to maximize the chassis of a small smartphone without getting in the way of sight and operation.
This design was published in Yanko Design.