Smarties- Color your imagination

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    Color your imagination
  • A new approach to Smarties platform "color your imagination". This campaign is inspired by the fact that people and especially kids always have favorite colors when it comes to candy. While learning the basic color combination, Kid's versatile imagination allows them to play more with smarties and change things around them.
    The green grass turns blue when Billy eats the yellow ones, while pink Flamingoes turn white because Chloe prefers the pink. And orange Pumpkins turn yellow when Jack eats all the red smarties.

    (Concept, art direction, and illustrations.)
  • Copy reads:

    Little Billy lives in dreams
    where eating yellow is what to do,
    in your world grass may be green,
    but without the yellow grass is blue.

    Smarties, Color your imagination.
  • Copy reads:

    Other colors try she might
    but who would ever think
    Flamingoes could turn white
    when Chloe eats first the pink

    Smarties, Color your imagination.
  • Copy reads:

    Jack eats first all the reds
    he's just that kinda fellow
    You might think it's all in his head
    but without red, pumpkins are yellow.

    Smarties, Color your imagination.