Small garden house/outdoor kitchen, Larisa

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  • Garden pavilion¬†
  • No traditional masonry materials or techniques were involved in the making of this structure. With the exception of the concrete base on which the structure is erected there is no concrete to be used anywhere else in the construction process. The idea was to keep it light and simple.
  • Simple construction with square hollow section posts, plywood, ceiling, heat insulation and felt roofing panels. Special consideration has been given to the orientation and air tightness of the structure so that it is useable during the winter too without the need of additional heating
  • Horizontal steel structures have been added above the doors/windows on two sides of the house facing southeast and southwest. Their function is to support the growth of the adjacent vines on them creating shade during summertime. In winter time on the other hand sun rays also contribute to heating up the interior of the structure.¬†
  • The use of full glass folding doors and windows all around creates a sense of continuity with the surrounding garden as they do not obstract the view out making the garden part of the house and the structure less obtrusive visually when being seen from the garden.¬†