Slova/Letters Solo Show

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  • The Letters exhibition features 30 Cyrillic illustrative letters. Many of those have been created for the purpose exclusively, while some of them were done a while ago, as a result of trying out different motifs and styles. Considering the fact that Cyrillic alphabet is rich with interesting characters and not too frequent in illustrative typography, it proved to be an inspirational playground for someone who takes great pleasure in
    blurring the boundaries between illustration and typography.
    Centre for Culture Sopot is the first stop on the journey of the Letters.
    As they move to the next location, this playful alphabet will be updated with new letters.
    If you're interested in showing them in your own town, please write to -
  • We have a unique Cyrillic alphabet in front of us.
    If done by many other artists, this colorful atmosphere and styles created by Bratislav Milenkovic
    would easily sink into cacophony. And yet, his sharp focus, self-control, discipline and necessary dose
    of fanaticism contribute to the progress in each and every job this young author takes up. These illustrative letters are, by and large, a practice, illustration, design and typography improvement, but also development of reflection skills. Some of these illustrations are direct and clear, sometimes they are of humorous and personal concerns or simply visual games and different variations on current thoughts.
    Bratislav conveys an incredibly strong graphic expression. His work has been equally striking, as a whole and
    as a part. Each letter can be singled out of the group and is worth considering as such. It leads an observer
    into even deeper depths of itself. The research inspired by the Classics and by old-school illustration and
    graphic design masters from Eastern and Western Europe and America can be found within these letter illustrations. What makes them even more complex is the combination of traditionally old and brand new elements.We are given this project in the time when illustrative typography is evolving and gaining its widespread popularity. This particular technique has been strongly supported by the young authors whose research has drawn worldwide attention. Jessica Hische and her Daily Drop Caps and Alex Trochut with his commercial and self appointed typography illustrations are the ones, among many others, who deserve to be titled as trendsetters. Furthermore Bratislav belongs to the company where we can find Mario Hugo and Micah Lidberg, the young authors who have a clear and literate attitude towards typography that perfectly fits into their work.
    All of the four mentioned authors naturally play with letters in their illustrations making their style
    more extraordinary and recognizable.
    While the Latin alphabet represents a common basis for this kind of visual research, the Cyrillic is exactly that what makes Bratislav so special among the like-minded. He has illustrated the Cyrillic alphabet in a way that we haven't seen yet. His remarkable letter illustrations are a result of persevering research into typography. He has been running numerous explorations for a long time, from analogue and digital ones, through modern calligraphy, computerized and hand lettered illustrations to those made in graphics or font programs. All these acquired skills he molded to his own sensibility. Bratislav shows his own characters through these characters,
    as the English usually say for a letter sign.
    Finally, this particular Cyrillic letters illustrate the combination of all the elements mentioned above,
    viewed through the prism of Bratislav Milenkovic: the old and the new, analogue and digital,
    the East and the West, the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabet.
    We have a unique Cyrillic alphabet in front of us.
    Jana Oršolić
    Many thanks goes to:
    Nevena, Jana, Nemanja, Nikola, Đorđe,
    Boris, Sanja, Rastko,,
    for contributing to the exhibition.
    Thanks to everyone who's been
    a valuable support during the years.